Ticwatch not counting steps and won't load watch face

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Ticwatch not counting steps and won't load watch face

Post by davidf01 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:46 pm

Hello, I'm on a little vacation in Puerto Vallarta and ever since I got here the watch is not counting steps or loading my normal watch face (heartbeat) it not showing notifications etc ect. My phone is connected to the cell service as well as the hotels wifi. Is there some setting I need to set or something? Is this watch broken?


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Re: Ticwatch not counting steps and won't load watch face

Post by garrywadams » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:39 pm

Have you installed the new TicSleep app?

We've identified a bug which causes the heart rate sensor to stop working properly. If you're using a watch face that pulls HR data from TicPulse (like heartbeat) the watch face will crash and display the "simple" face with just a digital clock on a black field. It also causes your step data to reset multiple times throughout the day so steps aren't tracked properly.

You can sometimes fix the issue by clearing data for the TicHealth app on your watch, but some users have reported that a full reset of the watch is necessary to fix it. I had the same issue on my Pro 4G last week and after resetting TicHealth data several times and the issue continuing to come back, I un-paired an reset my watch and have not seen the issue yet since re-pairing with my phone.

Mobvoi is working on a bug fix to correct the issue. I will reply back once there is new news to share.

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