Wrist sensor stops working

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Wrist sensor stops working

Post by chialberto » Sat Nov 30, 2019 2:19 pm


I bought a C2 few months ago and everything worked fine for a while. In fact I was quite happy with the product.
Then 1 month ago, the wrist sensor, after few hours of activity, stopped working. I notice it as I'm using google pay and if the wrist sensor fails, the payment fails too even if I unlock the watch every time.
I also noticed that when the wrist sensor fails, the watch doesn't measure the heartbeat.
If I turn off and on the watch, the wrist sensor works fine again for few hours.
I contacted the Customer support, and I got a replacement quickly. +1 for mobvoi customer support.
Unfortunately, the new watch started having the same problem almost immediately.
So, I see four options:
1. I'm really unlucky
2. I'm doing something wrong
3. The hardware is really unreliable
4. A firmware/system update has done something wrong to C2

About point 2: I've installed only City mapper app, I've added a payement card in Google Pay and I set the brightness to 4. Everything else is as default.
About point 1: someone else is facing similar issues?


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