Not able to send a text or use assistant

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Not able to send a text or use assistant

Post by mattyg3535 » Wed May 20, 2020 12:05 am

I am getting the still unanswered Cannot Connect to Google at the Moment error. Updated to 2.17 and I cannot send a text via the watch. Tried all combinations. Wifi off and on, Watch with Wifi on and off. I either get a message that goes all the way to the SEND moment and just blanks out without confirmation of sent text OR I get the Cannot connect to Phone, YET IT IS CONNECTED.
How does anyone think this watch is any good? I had an original Ticwatch E that I threw in a lake because of these problems.
Since then I am using a Google Pixel 3a with android 10.
I just don't get it?
Also I see topics with 4,000 plus views and 2 responses. Is Mobvoi even trying???

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