Can't send messages from Google assistant

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Can't send messages from Google assistant

Post by raul.blazquez.munoz » Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:11 pm

I have a TicWatch PRO 0966 working with a Pocophone F1 with no issues, android 10. When I ask from the watch to the google assistance "Send SMS to XXX", "Send whatsapp message to XXX", I am getting asked to Activate on the Phone or Cancel. When I press "Activate", the response I am getting is "permissions could not be retrieve/obtained" - Sorry I am not sure what the actual English description is, I am translating from Spanish.
I made sure that Google Assistant has grants to send messages, which I can do from the phone if I ask the assistant. There must be some missing grants/permissions for an app, I suppose, but I can't see which one. I googled a bit and I only found old references to this issue, which did not sound applicable to me considering Wear OS and Android version.

Any help here? Thanks.

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